XY-Zone Male Involvement Program

The XY-Zone Male Involvement Program is an innovative and effective leadership development peer support program developed by Communities in Schools to address the specific needs of young men at-risk for school dropout.  Recent studies have shown a growing educational achievement gap between males and females with boys falling behind girls in the education system. The disparity is even great for African-American and Hispanic young men.

Mission of XY-Zone

The mission of the XY-Zone is to support and guide adolescent males as they journey into manhood, helping them succeed in school and prepare for life. XY-Zone staff members design the program to meet the individual needs of teen males at each campus while ensuring that participants are part of a positive “brotherhood” that works to build character and leadership. The goals of the XY-Zone are that participants will:

  • Remain in school and improve grades, attendance or behavior
  • Stop or reduce risk-taking negative behaviors
  • Increase development assets or positive behaviors
  • Increase volunteerism through service learning projects

XY-Zone Makes a Difference

The XY-Zone started locally at Midland High School in January 2012 and expanded to Lee High School during the 2012-2013 school year.

“While college was always in the picture, XY-Zone boosted my self-confidence and mindset to achieve beyond myself in life; therefore resulting in my decision to join the Navy.” – W. Kelley, Graduate 

“[Because of XY-Zone] I regained hope for my future in college.” – B.N., Student

“[What I enjoyed most about XY-Zone was] talking to people that can relate to your problems.” – A.G., Student

“[XY-Zone has] calmed me down and let me vent my anger and depression.” –  S.J., Student