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Office Staff

Eliseo Elizondo
Executive Director
(432) 205-1365

Hilda Sanchez
Program Director
(432) 272-0329

Jessi Morgan
Program Manager of Mental Health Support
(432) 205-1364


Jessi Morgan
Development Director
(432) 205-1364

Lauren Party
Grant Coordinator
(432) 205-1364




Miricka Mayberry
Executive Assistant
(432) 205-1364


Mental Health Support

Mental Health Counselor
Claudia Alanis, LPC-A
(432) 205-1364

Mental Health Support Specialist
Cristina Flores, LMSW
(432) 205-1364

Mental Health Counselor
Kimberly Garcia Crowley, LCSW
(432) 205-1364

Mental Health Counselor
Crystal Ruiz, LMSW
(432) 205-1364

Big Spring ISD Campuses

Big Spring Junior High School
Paz Arenas

Big Spring High School
Terrica Rash

Ector County ISD Campuses

Alternative Education Center
Teena Castillo
(432) 456-5762

Cavazos Elementary
Sylvia Gonzalez

Dowling Elementary
Josie Torres

Murry Fly Elementary
Cristabel Barreras
(432) 456-3082

Goliad Elementary
Abby Martinez

Crockett Middle School
Yolanda Fish
(432) 456-5404

Bowie Middle School
Dora Martinez
(432) 456-2618

Bonham Middle School
Crystal Vasquez
(432) 456-2505

Nimitz Middle School
Brooke Adams
(432) 456-2976

Wilson and Young Medal of Honor Middle School
Edmundo Alanis
(432) 456-2844

Odessa High School
Michael Alva
(432) 456-2154

Odessa High School
Adriana Ortiz
(432) 456-2154

Permian High School
Enedelia Ureta
(432) 456-5833

Midland ISD Campuses

Goddard Junior High School
Ana Estorga
(432) 689-5878

Legacy Freshman High School
Licia Keiser
(432) 689-1266

Legacy High School
Sylvia Castillo
(432) 689-1664

Legacy High School-XY-Zone

(432) 689-1117

Legacy High School-Project ATHENA
Kayla Hicks
(432) 689-1117

Midland Freshman High School
Valeria Juarez
(432) 689-1228

Alamo Junior High School

(432) 689-1700

Midland High School

(432) 689-1117

Midland High School-XY-Zone

(432) 689-1117

Midland High School-Project ATHENA
Kayla Hicks
(432) 689-1117

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD Campuses

Crockett Middle School
Joanna Garcia

Pecos High School



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