XY-Zone Program

XY-Zone is a male mentoring initiative at Midland and Ector County High Schools. It creates lasting change by building strong, positive relationships with each of our students and providing these young men with positive, consistent male role models who are invested in their success.

  • XY-Zone Male Involvement Program

    The XY-Zone Male Involvement Program is an innovative and effective leadership development peer support program developed by Communities in Schools to address the specific needs of young men at risk for school dropout.  Recent studies have shown a growing educational achievement gap between males and females with boys falling behind girls in the education system. The disparity is even greater for African American and Hispanic young men.

  • Mission of XY-Zone

    The mission of the XY-Zone is to support and guide adolescent males as they journey into manhood, helping them succeed in school and prepare for life. XY-Zone staff members design the program to meet the individual needs of teen males at each campus while ensuring that participants are part of a positive “brotherhood” that works to build character and leadership. The goals of the XY-Zone are that participants will:

    • Remain in school and improve grades, attendance or behavior
    • Stop or reduce risk-taking negative behaviors
    • Increase development assets or positive behaviors
    • Increase volunteerism through service learning projects
  • XY-Zone Makes a Difference

    The XY-Zone started locally at Midland High School in January 2012 and expanded to Lee High School during the 2012-2013 school year. The XY-Zone is now in Midland and Ector County High Schools.

    “While college was always in the picture, XY-Zone boosted my self-confidence and mindset to achieve beyond myself in life, therefore resulting in my decision to join the Navy.” – W. Kelley, Graduate 

    “[Because of XY-Zone] I regained hope for my future in college.” – B.N., Student

    “[What I enjoyed most about XY-Zone was] talking to people that can relate to your problems.” – A.G., Student

    “[XY-Zone has] calmed me down and let me vent my anger and depression.” –  S.J., Student


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